axp is short for axo experience, the name of the goodie you need to level up.
when leveling up, you’ll get higher ranks.

axp level up screen

do /showaxp to show your axp.

JohnHeikens showing his axp level using /showaxp

ranklevel needed to obtain the rankaxp needed to obtain the rank
winning a skywars game500 axp
Voting for our server on a voting site200-1000 axp
killing a player in Skywars200 axp
completing any advancement250 axp
sending a chat message20 axp
winning a tntrun game250 axp
banning a player0 axp
reaching the other side on speedbridge50 axp
voting for us on namemc (/permavote)2000 axp
voting for usvaries
reporting a glitch/bug/issue1000 axp
making a mobchop map1000 axp
levelaxp required
level 100100,000 axp (+ 100000)
level 200300,000 axp (+ 200000)
level 300700,000 axp (+ 400000)
level logĀ²((x/100000) + 1) * 100x axp
level x100000 * ((2 ^ (x/100)) – 1) axp