use this tool to come up with minecraft color codes!

use this handy tool to:

  • come up with color codes
  • create your own pretty colored nicknames
  • customize minecraft chat
  • customize your configuration files

this is easily the best formatter since:

  • it has full essentials RGB color codes support (type &#00ff00test in the box)
  • it’s an improved design of the original best formatter, which was just a code pen and had loads of bugs 😂

How to use this Minecraft Text Formatter

‘red green blue’ has been typed in the text box. the formatted text on the right shows the same, as no format has been selected yet.
  • put your cursor at the place where you would like the formatting to start.
the cursor is in front of the text
  • click on the buttons on the left to insert color codes, click on the buttons on the right to insert formatting codes.
the &c color code has been clicked and the whole text is red now, as the cursor was on the left
  • copy the result from the left text box.
the text in the left text box is selected, ready to be copied.


to use RGB in minecraft, type ‘&#ff00ff’ in the left text box. then type your own message behind it.

‘test’ in magenta

How to create an rgb gradient on your text with the gradient generator

  • put your text in.
  • measure the amount of letters in the text. (8 in this case)
  • go to this gradient generator to come up with beautiful gradients.
a gradient going from purple to red
  • put an ‘&’ in front of each letter.
the result on the right looks messy, but that is because it’s not done yet.
  • now copy every # color code and put it behind the & signs.
click below HEX to copy the color code.
the first pasted color code already changes the first letter to look good.
  • bam! done!
after all hex codes have been pasted, it should look like the gradient.