No Griefing:
Griefing means making the server worse in some way. This includes but is not limited to:

-Making the server look worse.
-Mining trees halfway.
-Mining beaches for their sand.
-Leaving crafting table at random spots.
-Destroying someone’s base.
-Robbing items/entities. ‘using’ counts as robbing too!
-Emptying/breaking someone’s furnaces/chests. (we’ve banned people
for stealing 64 cobblestone, don’t try us!)
-Killing valuable mobs for no reason..
-Using server resources.
-Lagging the server out. (Trying to get the server to stop working in
ANYWAY will result in a ban!)
-Alt accounts are allowed, as long as the server is not lagging.

No Hacking:
Hacking is defined as using a mod that is creating an advantage over other players. The allowed mods are as follows:

-Sorting Mods
-Autoclicker (ONLY for mob farms)
-Hack Clients (ONLY for anarchy)
-Not Enough Items or other variant
-Replay Mod

drag click mouses are allowed but still seen as annoying. we have > 1.8 pvp here!

No Spam:
Spamming is when you repeat the same message over and over, possibly in caps, or anything that can be considered annoying or distracting.

Mature Content:
Mature content is allowed, but only when there aren’t kids around. If you are mature you can request for age verification. Once verified, you’ll be able to see the #adult channel on our Discord. (

Swearing is allowed and considered Mature Content. No racism, sexism, or hate speech. Even if you’re an adult we need to show respect for each other. Also please avoid talking or posting about: gore, politics, religious debates, and sensitive info (your address, phone number, etc).

Please speak in English in both server chat and on Discord. You are allowed to talk in your own language if you don’t know what a word means or if you wanna show it, but not for actual conversation.

Accusing someone of something is a serious matter because they could be wrongly accused of something that they haven’t done and thus will be wrongly punished. If we find out about your actions, you will be banned. This is not a funny situation and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Doxing is also not allowed, a joke can be funny, but don’t threaten with real life information. If you have trouble with someone which requires legal action then inform staff instead of taking the law into your own hands.

How we Enforce these rules

Staff can take different types of action:

-They can ban you, you will also receive the banned role on discord.
-If you join back using a different Minecraft account, they will IP ban you.
-If you join using different IP’s staff might (temporarily) remove VPN support.

Please, don’t ruin our day. We just want to have fun!